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ISP can now prioritize business, leaving spreadsheet salary calculations behind. Trust Fleet Wage Software for instant, accurate computations.

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Fuel Calculation

Our software effortlessly computes and analyzes fuel allocations amongst employees per CSA using AI technology. This sophisticated approach provides a detailed and comprehensive view, enabling businesses to precisely monitor and manage fuel expenses on a per-employee basis, ensuring cost efficiency and transparency in operations.


Being a FedEx ISP is challenging, especially with a large team. Unsure how to identify your most profitable employee? Our software offers detailed insights into your business, ensuring that post-peak season, you’ll know who truly deserves the largest bonus.

Easily export employee wages using the payroll company your choice

With us, you can save time and resources that can be invested in growing your business. Our software ensures precision and reliability in managing your company’s wage calculation allowing you to focus on important strategic tasks. Join our platform today and gain peace of mind in managing your business finances

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